$42/week (3 month minimum)

Get access to all of our group fitness programs (.CrossFit, .Body, .Endurance) listed below with our All.In Membership (Nutrition.Management and Private.Coaching not included). This option comes with a FREE MONTHLY Body Composition Analysis Scan ($50 value)! Schedule your complimentary New Member Consultation today!


Coach-led Fitness Classes


Our CrossFit classes involve all of the foundational movements learned within our onboarding program along with other movements. Don't worry though! All of our workouts are still scaled to your current ability level. Schedule your complimentary New Member Consultation today!



Don't want to lift a barbell but still get a great workout? Our Body program incorporates HIIT (high intensity interval training) without the heavy weights! This program utilizes body weight movements with a focus on core and glutes. Schedule your complimentary New Member Consultation today!



Build your engine through aerobic capacity training. This program is perfect for recreational runners and local 5k+ racers. We utilize motor-less AirRunner treadmills, Concept2 rowers and AirBikes. Our Endurance Coach will program 3 workouts per week and you will reserve the equipment using our online app on a day and time that works best with your schedule. Schedule your complimentary New Member Consultation today!


One-on-One with Coach

Price Varies - Packages Available

Our staff also provides one-on-one training. If you feel the need for more individualized attention, this is a great option! Our coaches can give you an hour focused on any area of your training you wish to improve upon. Schedule your complimentary New Member Consultation today!


Full Body Composition Scan


Your weight is made up of muscle, fat, and water. The key to effective weight loss is losing excess body fat, not overall body weight. Weight loss is not the same as fat loss. Instead of tracking how heavy you are, use body composition analysis to track how healthy you really are.

Body composition analysis is key.


Personalized Nutrition Guidance

Price Varies - Packages Available

Shenandoah.Fit's Nutrition Management service provides members and non-members of the local community personalized nutritional guidance to help maximize their health and fitness goals. Click here for more information on our Nutrition Management Service.

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